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Happy to give recommendations

Who knew training could be so brilliant. My girlfriend was happy to give recommendations about First Aid for You who pulled out all of the stops on her recent training day. The day was structured well and nothing was rushed. She found it to be intriguing and interesting. The company were thorough and offered good info in a relaxed manner. She said that she is happy to give recommendations.

This blog was posted Friday 26th October 2018 : 12.15 pm

Friendly service with a smile

Taxave Accountants stand out from the competition because of their genuine and caring nature. My wife liked how they are dedicated to providing nothing short of an exceptional service each and every time whether you're a new or existing customer. They make you feel like you matter and never rush through when assisting someone. The service is very efficient and always comes with a smile.

This blog was posted Friday 7th September 2018 : 11.48 am

Exceptional care and attention to detail

Eastbourne Car Valeting get a five-star rating from my mum! They were flexible and happy to come over to her garage to perform the valeting service. The quality of the work was exceptionally good for both the inside and outside clean. Her car was old and had not been looked after particularly well, simply because she was just too busy. On completion, the car looked almost brand new with her neighbours complimenting how great it now looks. She was thrilled with the result and has booked her car in for another full valet service in six months time.

This blog was posted Monday 30th April 2018 : 10.31 am

Satisfied customer

My cousin was thrilled with the tiling done on her roof. ASAP Roofing gave her a full quote and assured no hidden extras costs. They explained to her in full what was needed so that she was kept in the know with the work they planned to do. The price for the job was pretty reasonable and she was very satisfied with how the company conducted themselves in a professional manner. She highly recommends this brilliant company for all roofing queries!

This blog was posted Thursday 19th April 2018 : 12.24 pm

Attention to detail

My friend had a leak which lasted quite a while as she couldn't find the source of it and what was causing it. SB Roofing was called round where they inspected the leak and damaged caused and then quoted her for the work to be done. The quote was reasonable and they were back round within two days to start the repairs work. The work completed was very thorough and things were put in place to ensure no further leaks would occur. She said how she was impressed with the professionalism of this company and their attention to detail.

This blog was posted Friday 6th April 2018 : 01.40 pm

B&B Packages

My line Manager was looking for a company that can provide a bespoke online booking system package for their B&B online management system. He was recommended Best Bookings who provided an amazing and exceptionally detailed service! My line manager is very pleased because he states that, 'far less time is now taken up with managing bookings than before, and a really good system has been devised now.' Highly recommended.

This blog was posted Tuesday 6th February 2018 : 11.36 am

Worth the money

My brother in law had Colin in from The Oven Cleaning Company to carry out a professional oven clean. Hes a dependable chap who strikes the right balance between friendly and professional. He was trustworthy and thorough and is a credit to your company. My brother in law would have no hesitation in recommending their services to my friends and family. He felt as though every penny spent was well worth it.

This blog was posted Thursday 1st February 2018 : 02.00 pm

Increasingly grubby

If you know anybody who is need of an oven clean then my wife strongly recommends Mrs Ovens as she amazed my wife at the finished result. My wife had been trying to remove some stubborn stains and marks on our oven for years. She was fed up with spending money on lots of different cleaning products as nothing was doing the job. The oven was looking increasingly grubby as time went on and my wife was beginning to feel a little embarrassed by the state of it as she entertains regularly and likes everything to be in condition. She was tempted to give in and buy a brand new oven which would have cost too much at the time. My sister in law recommended this oven cleaning company and had has saved us a lot of money!rnrn

This blog was posted Wednesday 24th January 2018 : 03.34 pm

A true representation

My neighbour was set on the shutters that they wanted Winchester Blinds to fit for them. They provided a helpful, and professional service and the shutters look brilliant from out the front of the house. My partner had a nose on the company's website and the previous work they have done and the website is a true reflexion of the outstanding work that they do.

This blog was posted Thursday 11th January 2018 : 01.32 pm

Pride and joy

My sister bought an aga after saving for quite some time to buy one. She really enjoys cooking with it and it is her new pride and joy. She will only give it a professional clean because she wants it to last her for her many more years of cooking and entertaining. She's so proud of it and since getting in Mrs Ovens to do the job, she's now even more pleased with it! It really is the focal point of her kitchen and my sister has fallen in love with it all over again!

This blog was posted Wednesday 1st November 2017 : 04.33 pm

Large multinational company.

My colleague is a director of a large multinational company and has been looking for several companies that are able to deal with the high workload of advertising campaigns that are needed for the company. In order for an advertising campaign to get off the ground, there has needed to be professional advertisers that can brainstorm ideas and business opportunities and plans. Ocean Press were allocated as one of the companies needed and were fantastic at implementing the high demand and standard needs, of business criteria and plans.

This blog was posted Tuesday 5th September 2017 : 11.58 am

Different course of direction

My wife looked to Partners for Training to help her change her course of direction. She needed to learn some new skills and they helped her to see the way ahead. She had decided that she wanted to retrain and do an Apprenticeship in Health and Beauty. She found that the course was fantastic! The trainers were very good and they were very skilled in teaching the course content that had been devised. Her tutor was always available if she needed any help with any extra course content. She sometimes had group tutorials and other times she had one to one tutorials. She found the teaching style very varied, skilled and informative!

This blog was posted Tuesday 5th September 2017 : 11.48 am

Timber Sanding and Sealing

My friend was looking for someone that could do timber sanding and sealing. My cousin recommended P Batten Flooring to help with this job. This was a job she knew that she could not do by herself. But they were a very professional company, with over 35 years experience they worked hard and got to work quickly to get the job done well!

This blog was posted Tuesday 5th September 2017 : 11.31 am

Fire Safety in Pub

My brother sent his team of employees on a fire safety training course as he was shocked to learn that 3/4 of his staff had never had fire training in their previous jobs. He had their training day with ETC Fire and he found it to be highly valuable and very thorough. The actual style of teaching struck the right balance between relaxed yet engaging. He asked his employees how they found the training and what their thoughts and feelings were about the day, and he was pleased to report that they all found it relevant and interesting. But what delighted him the most, was that his staff seemed to bond together and really interacted with each other. Training days like those are extremely valuable to a work force, not just for the obvious reasons but they just seem to be great team building exercises.

This blog was posted Thursday 31st August 2017 : 01.55 pm

College Drama

My half-sister works as a receptionist in a college and had to urgently get a plumber in throughout the holidays. One of the girls toilets had flooded over the time the college was closed and with enrolment day not too far away she had to get it fixed as soon as possible. Sam Mercer Plumbing came to the rescue and did a fantastic job of fixing the problem. The girls toilets were in such a state after the flooding, she didn't think it was possible to get it fixed and back to normal in time for enrollment day. Luckily, she went to the right company who got right down to work and left the girls toilets looking as good as new.

This blog was posted Friday 25th August 2017 : 02.25 pm

Great Advice

My uncle was so glad that he listened to Steve Ely, he gave him advice and guided him in choosing the right sized cowl for his chimney. The cowl acts as a sort of blocking system and stops leaves and even animals from getting in your chimney. He was surprised at how simple it looks but how effective it is. He hasn't had any problems with a blocked chimney since the last time he called in SE Chimney Sweep. If you haven't already got a cowl and are finding your chimney is not working as you'd expect it to, then buy a cowl. They are great!

This blog was posted Thursday 24th August 2017 : 04.43 pm

Vandalism at Work

My friend owns a small business and has a few employees working for her. She was delighted to finally have bought some offices as the first year was spent working from home and as you can imagine the house got a little busy for business. She and her team left on the Friday for the long bank holiday weekend ahead of them. When they returned to work on the Tuesday, she was so angry to find that the building had been vandalised. There was graffiti everywhere, over the door, on the window frames Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers had her covered for every penny and the vandalism was soon cleaned off. She was so pleased that she was insured with such a great company.

This blog was posted Thursday 17th August 2017 : 03.20 pm